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The Intent of the Website

As the name implies, this is about soultions to our collective human issues.

Rather than point fingers and dwell on what was, the intent here is to provide a beacon

to those of similar personal convictions as to some possibile solutions in one small area of the world.

The Blog section should see the most traffic as this is where I will keep a sort of journal of how I am progressing in the various areas of my life and "work" here in Belize. American born and raised, and a citizen of both countries, there will be political commentary.

The Store section is a mess and where I need the most help. What I want to do is have products from Belize available. Some of the proceeds help fund small agricultural and cottage industry projects. Inventory would include these various craft items as well as access to custom woodworks. The other part which is this drop-shipping stuff and is supposed to be for passive income.

This is a grassroots effort ,collaborating with serveral different people. There are plans in motion that are specific to the Maya villages in Toledo District. Outlines for Recycling programs, various Tourism related projects, Agricultural projects in this computer right now. I have simply been chosen as scribe & messenger.

You will discover much of my motivation for what I do and perhaps join me in these efforts. This is to be a crowd-funded thing at some point.

It is not about money or recognition. It is caring and sharing to be cliche.

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