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Just an observation from the other world, where the search for truth about our reality continues. Let's dig for some truth.

What is really going on in today's tumultuous world? Is there a group that is deliberately manipulating events, history, in order to control the planet? Has this impacted the evolutionary process man is designed to go through? Yes and Yes. (Other discussions)

When you get right down to it and I most certainly am not the first or only one to say these things, but there is an information war happening. For control of our behaviors. People have questions and not getting answers. MKultra, Propaganda, False Flag events here, some twisted truth there. This may very well be the epic, "Eternal Battle" playing out on our linear level. The joys of duality.

Further, that the forces of darkness have been controlling the globe for a very, very long time. This is the Master-Slave system(s). How do a few control many? Knowledge. After all it's what has the darkhats at the top and "Knowledge Is Power". That knowledge being words, or information, is a leadership quality. It is when man's sinful nature grew. The Ego spawned the 7 deadly sins and made distortions of his true purpose. To live in peace and harmony on this planet and experience a world with choices. This where we are now. Trying to find and connect back to our origins. Fast forward to today. The many now see how the few have created this illusionary existence, creating and utilizing systems they created (education judicial legislative medical religion). Hidden secret government programs and their power and influence to control a narrative through the media. They brought us war, famine and disease through Engineered systems. This also would include music and movies but this is more about network television, what, how and why stories are created for use to prolong the underlying narratives.

We can "see" a word or event but not an emotion behind it. Is this then context? The emotional driving force behind spoken words? And is that a benevolent or malevolent force? What is the intent? The state of mind of the speaker? Truth gets twisted. The spin is spun. You can spot the pivot point in specific wording in a lot of the lies being pushed. The point of all this is to be very aware of the speaker's perspective on what is being said. Showing you the intent of what will be said. If you can see the good and bad in everything, understand the existential basics you will come to the ultimate conclusion that it is all a pack of lies covering lies.

The networks spew the same stories, usually the exact same words are used. FOX is still owned by the same dark money and has a part in this grand illusion we find ourselves in. In order to perpetuate the flow of fear, they have to let the truth try to come out. Journalism is a lost art. News casters are now in the same category as actors and lawyers: professional liars. Only reaction to our events may be allowed. Your part (FOX), is to stir the emotional pot only. Don't add any more seasoning like... so now comedy is part of broadcast journalism?

Why is there no discussion on solutions to National and Global problems? Impending food shortage? Why certain "production" facilities get destroyed by questionable means, individuals who can affect posative change are eliminated? You ignore solutions to social issues, climate issues, LIFE issues. Most of yall have some serious ego issues and I understand that with the rich and famous, but try to do something more meaningful. Seek out those people and projects that are proactively working on the solutions. Help people network those common interests and share new ones. Be the magnet that draws the new, young, liberating leaders in. The inventors and scientists. Create useful content. Try and teach whenever possible. Have a new show that goes into talking like this. You might be surprised how large that demographic is!

Neither side is totally correct and that once we get the spiritual aspects back into our lives we will be on this new Earth people talk about. Let us find that middle path. It's all about balance.

Zack Aspen, reporting from the fringe..

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Just an observation from the other world, where the search for truth about our reality continues. Let's dig for some truth. What is really going on in today's tumultuous world? Is there a group that i

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