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JULY 2022 update

I find it a bit perplexing that the real estate market in Toledo District is slow.

In particular when it comes to residential developments. Is no one concerned about an impending world food crisis? Young people leaving the farms to join in the economic slavery world. Once in it, many find it difficult to exit should one choose. The point is, we need the farmers. And yes, all along the rainforest is "the garden", where much of the food supplies will be grown. (UN and Bilderberg group have earth chopped up and mapped out). Central to South America must be the garden. Our oxygen is produced from the rainforest as well. It doesn't make sense that knowing all this there are no forward thinking people with the vision to see good solutions to bad problems?

Not a licensed real estate agent, but familiar enough with sales to see a missing sales element/tool. That of vision.

The long view of who and what fills the property. As a developer and/or owner, who would I want my neighbors to be? Aside from being just a lot owner and doing their own thing; you may want to consider partnership arrangements with the the other natural assets on the property.

This is really for sale- (with some vision on the side)

Century 21 belize has listed this as Yemeri Grove Estates. The whole place for $330,000. This writer is caretaker on property, still exploring with information and connection to the owner/seller. Furniture and some lawn care equipment included. Turn key for the most part.

46.23 acres of fertile land. Main House, Cohune hut, solar, well & rain water. 5-7 acre cleared, planted and producing trees. An approved subdivision plan for 16 one acre homesite. Those are the main pieces. Established residence, the farm and subdivision are the main pieces.

Trying some vision on...

I see this as one big collection of businesses. I can only be the eyes and ears of any prospective buyer. Boots on the ground. The owner would be pleased to share his knowledge and insights I am sure. There are 2 main categories. The first is the agriculture and land in general The farm is producing but needs much more attention in the way of labor and machinery upgrades. Foods harvested with feed our staff, be for sale, be needed for food service outlet.

In conjunction with building that up, we address infrastructure. Government "farm roads" are grossly inadequate and/or poorly maintained. If we want it done right... a problem being able to show, especially. rainy season. It would also be prudent to complete all anticipated needs one time.(Tourism segment). A residence is needed that can be "office", "store" to start. Food service will quickly spring and here comes the first income streams. It can also be attached to utilities bldg?

The other segment comes under the Tourism heading. There are several avenues available. There has been much talk about an RV park. I took that and imagined State Parks and campgrounds. Belize already attracts trekkers and the eco- crowd. There does seem to be a demand and Toledo District provides the perfect location to create a destination. This should help Punta Gorda be less of bus stop and attract some of the cross border traffic to have reasons to stay.

Six to eight RV "pads" with ? water and electric hookups. (Seperate pump out station). Sites for tent camping, a Nature Trail for birding, wildlife, medicinal plants etc. (Tie in all educational aspects).

Educational opportunities are many. This little "park" could have some vendors scattered about, craftters, chocolatier, painters, massage therapy, herbal treatments etc some of the service providers would hopefully be residents too.

To set up the campground basic systems I budget at $7-800kusd. Very rudimentary but enough to open. For farm and other road or clearing (heavy equipment and material); a big metal building that can house as much of the utilities as possible. ( big roof for panels and water catchment. Drill well, all pumps and plumbing, septic/soakaway, pump out station, bathhouse. Maybe plumb and wire rv site(s). More numbers work needed everywhere and this budget may do much more than I think. Now is where partnerships become important. To look and sift through variables and options with more clarity,.. 2+ heads are better than 1

The manager house where office, Store, Restaurant, residence completes building needs. These are general ideas being as frugal as possible.

The farm would be back in shape, producing. New building could be complete 3-4 months. Two income streams begin within first year of ownership.

Your residence is ready and your next step and should be the ones you take here beginning a new adventure.


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