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Have a two year domain name of!!

Need to figure out the technical relationship between them before the personal/business. I think I make pages, and if so, The Between will show up.

This is a manuscript that at this point, in a real writer's world, it would go to an editor/publisher for consideration. I have been right on in a couple of the scenarios. Due to my taking the time to learn new perspectives, my world view has become different than that of the mainstream, in that I see a middle path in all manner of things. I teach there is good and bad in most everything. Anyway, I hit on a lot of stuff but mostly want people to read a few books I used as background material. Most everything I know is book or video documentary knowledge, and I stay with current popular commentary by the likes of Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Stephen Greer, David Wilcock, Dr. Assad Bashir,, History Channel(s) etc. for those evolving sciences and concepts. I AM connected to them and what they represent in subject matter, much as I am connected to you dear reader, and you to I, and every living thing in this garden we live on.

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