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April 4 Update

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Happy Easter all.

This writing thing isn't so easy. Sure I can fire off quicky blog posts or comments, but to actually try and layout a book? I have looked into what it takes to be a successful author and while I may have a modicum of talent I do not have all the support people they have. No big whoop- they also started here.

Two projects: A New Perspective- the book and a development plan for the Mayan Indians which grows into the surrounding communities and eventually the entire country. This latter project needs the people to make it happen next. The outline is there and out of my hands at that point. I remain as a consultant if needed but will watch from the sidelines.

As to the book... I did this for therapy for myself while sharing what I know in "seeing" things and understanding words and actions on a far deeper level- a teaching moment if you will. If it makes any money, great- it will help fund some projects. One of my life lessons was about "expectations". Typically, they only lead to disappointment.

Travel to Belmopan and a friend's house out near Hattieville is coming in a few days. I had spent some time there and left some books and tools behind I would like to retrieve. My friend is asking help with some of her projects. Time spent back in the capital will be spent "window shopping" pricing and/or personal contacts to building supply vendors. To create a basic price list of materials for various small businesses. Estimates with numbers for "packaged" business plans.

In PG (Punta Gorda) another week and then up to Placencia for a couple nights- must check moon cycle!

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