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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Mobility is what is needed most at this point. I have been on foot since 2015 and it is time for some wheels. With the ability to utilize the financial system now, getting a van will be less difficult to accomplish.

Having the ability to travel to the different villages and other businesses in the outlying areas of Toledo District lets me see and capture on film what is needed to further the content needed to build up this site. Once there are some more people involved, the equipment, like cameras and office equipment will come and our efforts will continue to grow with strong internet presence in the retail of locally manufactured products globally.

In the meantime I use a phone camera and am sorry for the poor quality of what is coming out currently.

A van for the ability of passenger transportation (taxi license) and ability to take out seats to serve as a "covered" truck. Perhaps by end of the month it will all be in place but I try not to expect too much down here as things can move very slowly.

Going to try and open a bank account with the credit union. That will be the first step and basing it on getting the resident stamp, move me closer to working within the systems here as more of an active participant.

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